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Big tech CEOs at the Senate Judiciary Hearing on Child online safety

Social Media CEO's Congressional Hearing

You may have heard that recently (Jan 31, 2024) the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing caught the nation's attention, CEOs from leading social media giants including Meta, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter) were called to testify on one of the biggest topics that we face as parents, children’s online safety. This pivotal moment moves the needle forward for awareness and action among parents striving to navigate the digital landscape with their children.

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Pinwheel Announces Phone Upcycling to Prevent Adult Phones from Going to Kids or into the Landfill

Austin, Texas (October 26, 2023) – Pinwheel, maker of the best-selling Pinwheel smartphone for kids, announced today the launch of its Hand It In Phone Upcycling Program, which allows parents to send in their old phone and get a kid-specific phone at a discounted price for their children.

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A Child's Review of Pinwheel The Healthy Kid Phone

Through the eyes of a child, we witness new perspectives that often our adults eyes can't see. In this blog, a child opens up about why she likes her Pinwheel, the rules that came with her owning a kid phone, and how it has impacted her daily routine. Her mother is a blogger you might know, so stay till the end to explore more helpful parenting resources! 

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Study Links Online Behavior to Events of Suicide

Published in JAMA Network Open, an international, open access, general medical journal, the groundbreaking study examines how past online behaviors like bullying, violence, drug-related content, hate speech, profanity, sexual content, depression, and low-severity self-harm among youth can be linked to behaviors like the risk of suicide or self-harm. 
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The Top Five Parenting Groups On Facebook

Social media and tech can lead to a number of problems or struggles, but they can also serve to be some of the best resources available to us when used intentionally. The internet and social media have made connecting with fellow parents and accessing all the best parenting tips and tricks easier than it’s ever been before. With hundreds and thousands of parenting resources being so available, it can be hard to keep track of which ones you find to be worth your time and which ones just aren’t your style, especially when it comes to Facebook Groups and Parent Communities. 

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