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What's Your Earliest Memory with Tech?

It was a stormy night in December and I was sitting at the kitchen table with my Dad eating soup. I was anxiously awaiting him to finish so I could play with his first Apple phone, called an iPhone, which had buttons on the screen. As we sat down together, we laboriously pushed the buttons on the screen, wondering if iPhones would stick around.

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Connected Family Gift Guide

Today's children and teens want to connect and engage with others! It looks a bit different than how their parents and grandparents did it, but with proper guidance kids and teens can leverage technology to enrich their lives. 

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Is Snapchat Safe for Kids?

What Every Parent Should Know About Snapchat

One of the commonest questions parents ask is whether Snapchat is safe for their kids. Similar to many social media platforms, Snapchat is an app for connecting and socializing with people. Users can create, share, and exchange visual content like pictures for fun.

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Roblox: What Parents Should Know


With over 190 million monthly users, Roblox is the most popular gaming platform right now on the internet. Similar to Creativerse and Minecraft, Roblox is a platform for connecting and socializing in a three-dimensional visualization.

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