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Routines for Kids on Summer Break

Ah, it's summer time, finally. As we breathe a sigh of relief from the hustle and bustle of the school year, our thoughts turn to what the summer holds: zoo trips, meeting friends at the park, and juggling all our normal tasks.

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Speak-Kindly Checklist: Kid-Phone Version!

Have you ever caught yourself speaking in a way that was a little harsher than you expected? Even as adults, the way we communicate can get out of line at times, especially when we are not in a gracious mood. Actively teaching kids to speak kindly, whether it's through their phone or in person, will set them up for success in the long run. This "Speak Kindly" checklist can help your children cultivate healthy communication habits. Share this with them, and see if they can check them off every week!

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Phone Photography Tips and Activity for Families

Don't you love taking photos? Whether it’s of your pet, your friends, or nature! Being able to capture and freeze extraordinary moments in your life is one of the coolest things about technology. However, photography can be a little overwhelming and frustrating when you’re new. Enjoy this photography guide, featuring my top 5 tips for a successful photo session!

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Less Screen-time, More Nature Activities For Adults and Kids

My favorite memories growing up were the ones spent in nature. You could find me with dirty bare feet up some tree in just about every season. A couple days out of the week, Mama would take my siblings and I out on hiking trails or on walks in the park. We had a thing for venturing off the beaten path, making our way through the trees and little bits of open field to find all kinds of plants, rocks, and animals. Looking back on my childhood, I remember more joy and peace in those moments of soaking up nature than the memories spent indoors on my phone.

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