Kids on Virtual Calls: How to Act


Kids across the country are returning to virtual learning during quarantine periods. They may have forgotten some of the nuances of the Zoom call, so take time to brush up on video chat etiquette and tips with your child before they log onto their first call. 

Cut Distraction

Learning from home comes with more distractions and noises than a classroom. So, set up your child in a quiet space where they can focus. 

Get Ready

They won’t need shoes and a packed snack, but they still need to think about using the bathroom, wearing appropriate clothing, and following their normal morning routine to log in on-time.

Sit and Listen

It’s hard for kids to sit still, especially when their teacher is virtual. Remind you children that they need to behave just like they do in school—even if a cat makes a cameo!

Stay on Mute

Background noise is extra distracting on a video call, so remind your kids how to click the mute button and why it’s important. 

Raise Your Hand

Most teachers ask kids to raise a virtual hand when they have a question or comment. Show your kids how to select this button or follow their teacher’s request to raise their hand a different way.

Be on Time

Help your child log in a few minutes early to test their audio and make sure they are logged in to their video call and other classroom websites.

Bonus: Cut the Chat!

From what we've seen, chat functions are a huge distraction. Outside of the chat, many video call platforms have direct messages enabled. Try contacting your child’s teacher or facilitator about changing the settings of the video call to disable the chat, or at least the direct messaging. This can remove a huge distraction! If your child is having 5 separate conversations with 5 different friends, they are likely not paying attention.