Setting Tech Boundaries: Holiday Cookie Activity


The word "screentime" sends up red flags to parents around the world. We question how our kids are impacted, what they should be viewing, and we struggle to keep up with the latest features. But let's take a step back.

Have you ever stopped to think about when screens add value to our lives? 

Completing homework online is quality screen-time, while playing Minecraft is passive. That one's obvious, but what if we're in a situation that's more obscure? Today we're going to practice using technology with our kids to add value to an activity. Remember, in all facets of parenting we want to model how to do something, monitor and support their effort, and then let them try it out alone. 

Hands reaching for cookies - SOME NOISE

In this activity lesson we'll bake holiday cookies. The guide will prompt when to use technology and when to avoid it. This activity will help children curb their tech use, avoiding mindless scrolling and embracing the tools that add value to their lives. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or just love cookies, this activity will help you connect with your child while instilling great tech boundaries that will benefit them for years to come. Click below to see how!