How Music Enhances Learning

Just whistle while your work. Or ask your smart speaker to crank up the tunes while you clean. Music not only gets adults in the right headspace to focus on a task, but kids as well. Next time your child is prepping for a big test, encourage them to turn on some background music to boost their brain function. Research shows that music can impact emotions and thought processes, which can help lower stress before a test and contribute to focus. 

We can all agree that getting started is a huge hurdle. By pressing play on a great pick-me-up ballad, students can kick-start their process as the music alters their emotions and physiological functions. A favorite motivational tune can stimulate their breathing and pulse, making them feel less bored and tired. 

So what kind of music is best? You might assume instrumental or meditative music, but one study tells us that we should actually listen to what we enjoy---whether that's Tchaichovsky or Taylor Swift! 

The demands that our kids face today often lead to stress, especially when a test is on the horizon. You can help them lower their anxiety by prompting them to select their favorite chill band. It's not the genre of music that matters, but the songs that your child identify as relaxing or soothing. This can be background music while they study, but sometimes kids need a reminder to take a break; if you notice your kid seems overwhelmed, lead by example and ask them to hang out on the couch with you to hear your favorite new song. The textbooks and term papers will still be there when they're ready to return.