Four Fun Apps Found on a Pinwheel Phone


Curious about the apps found on a Pinwheel phone? Take a look at some fun features found within Pinwheel apps below!

Chores and Allowance Bot

First, a little backstory -- As a kid, I was what I like to call a "parental management strategist". When I completed my assigned unpaid chores, I would ask my parents for extra chores that paid money. I observed that if I folded three loads of laundry, my mom gave me $0.75. But, if I did the same exact task and asked my dad, he paid me $10. As you can imagine, I targeted my dad for chores and the corresponding profits. My mom caught on to my conniving plot and my dad ended up lowering his compensation.

I imagine that my mom would’ve loved the Chores and Allowance Bot, an app that tracks chores and allowances. This app features an automatic sync between devices, meaning both parents can be on the same page about chore compensation. This app also allows parents to set up daily, weekly, or monthly allowances, as well as assign chores to one or multiple children. The children can track their allowances through a visual graph: if they save money, the graph goes up, and if they spend money, they see a deduction from their account.

11 Pets: Pet Care

When I consider having children in the future, I am apprehensive, even terrified, of them wanting pets. Growing up, I was one of five children, and we once had seven pets at the same time. Because my childhood pet dreams were fulfilled, I feel obligated to give my children the same pet privileges. But, who will deworm the pets, make sure their teeth are clean, brush them, feed them, and make sure they have a decent quality of life? My children?

I will definitely be needing the 11 Pets: Pet Care app to ease my pet anxiety. This app reminds users to feed their pets and give them their medicine. It features vaccination and deworming reminders, as well as a medical history for your pet that can easily be shared with a veterinarian or pet-sitter. This takes the guess-work out of day to day pet care. I might not make it to seven pets, but perhaps I can allow each child one pet, now that there's a kid-friendly app to help!

Sky Map

I have seen the movies where young children refuse to sleep and run around the house like animals. My plan is to take them star gazing to solve this problem. While this isn’t a permanent parenting solution, it seems like a fun diversion. With the Sky Map app, you can identify stars, planets, nebulae, and more. It is essentially a hand-held planetarium. I like this idea because phones are known for directing attention downward. An app that enables technology to make kids look up, and not down, seems like a bright idea.


I can only hope that I marry a French foreign exchange student who is dashingly handsome as well as polite. That way, my children can be beautiful and bilingual. However, if this inevitably doesn’t happen, the Babbel app could give me the next best thing. This app allows beginners to learn different languages, from French, to Spanish, to Indonesian. When it comes to language, kids can’t start learning soon enough. This app will help them explore other languages and develop their brains.

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