First Kid-Safe, Parent-Monitored AI Chat Bot Powered by ChatGPT

Free app from maker of the popular Pinwheel kid-safe smartphone generates age-appropriate responses and enables parents to monitor chats 


Pinwheel, maker of the best-selling Pinwheel smartphone for kids, announced today the launch of PinwheelGPT, the first child-safe AI chat app powered by ChatGPT that enables parental monitoring. The new, free PinwheelGPT app will be available on any device (including Pinwheel phones) through a mobile app, or via a mobile or desktop web browser.

Built specifically for use by children ages 7-12, the app is designed to generate only age-appropriate answers that are not overly complex or advanced in vocabulary and that lack explicit content, links or images of any kind. Unlike any other chat apps for kids, with PinwheelGPT parents are able to remotely view their child’s chats (even deleted chats) to understand what they’re curious about, help clarify or correct certain responses and engage in the conversation where it makes sense. 

“With PinwheelGPT we’ve created a fun and educational way for today’s kids to get in on the exciting power and potential of ChatGPT and accessing information on the internet but with safe, age-appropriate guardrails,” explains Pinwheel CEO and Founder Dane Witbeck. “Not only can kids participate in the AI tech that’s quickly transforming our world, but parents can be actively engaged in the conversation by viewing – and stepping in when or where it feels right – to provide guidance or clarification. We believe kids should be part of the AI revolution by learning how to use the technology responsibly and our app helps them do that.”   

According to Common Sense Media, 42% of kids have a phone by age 10, and by age 12, that number climbs to 71%. In addition, curiosity and experimentation with AI chatbots among school age children is skyrocketing, with a recent study showing 58% of kids age 12-18 have already used ChatGPT – compared to only 30% of parents who say they have used it (source: Common Sense Media).  

“It’s no surprise that teens have been some of the earliest adopters of generative AI technology, given all the ways it can be used in school and the fact we are raising a generation of digital natives,” Witbeck adds. “We can only expect younger and younger kids to use AI as they have access to phones at an earlier age than ever. That’s why it’s important for parents to be part of their exploration process from the start.”   

PinwheelGPT provides up to 20 chat conversations for free, as well as offering a premium version offering unlimited responses for $19.99/month or $79.99/year. It’s available for download now in the Google Play store, Apple App store, Pinwheel App Library and on any browser here.