A Child's Review of Pinwheel The Healthy Kid Phone


Through the eyes of a child, we witness new perspectives that often our adults eyes can't see. In this blog, a child opens up about why she likes her Pinwheel, the rules that came with her owning a kid phone, and how it has impacted her daily routine. Her mother is a blogger you might know, so stay till the end to explore more helpful parenting resources! 

My Healthy Kid Phone: 

I have been wanting a phone for a long time. When my mom found this phone, I knew it was the one for me! There are many phone options, but some of them aren’t the best for kids because you can get a lot of scam calls. The Pinwheel phone is very nice, and it blocks all numbers that call you that you don’t recognize. It has many cool features that other smartphones don’t have, including a timeline and a checklist! Many fun apps are approved for kids that can go on the phone too! This is the best phone for kids!

The Pinwheel phone has three different phones you can get. The Pinwheel slim is the one I have. It has a very nice camera, and there is a fingerprint sensor on the back. It is about the size of an iPhone 7. It comes with a nice black phone case! Another of the phones is the Pinwheel Rugged, which is the one my brother has. It is a lot bigger, about the size of an iPhone 11. It has a built-in case because it is meant for kids who usually drop them a lot. The last phone is the Verizon compatible, and it is a Samsung a32 with Verizon as a carrier option.

All of the apps on the Pinwheel phone are approved for kids! One of my favorite apps is the Genius Scanner because I have to scan a lot of assignments for school. My mom always used to have to scan them and send them to me. That took a lot of time out of her day. It is so much easier to do it myself! Another one of my favorite apps is Messenger kids, it allows me to talk to all of my friends. There are also some really fun games on the phone. I also really like the photos app. It allows me to take pictures, and I can even make collages and gifs.

Another cool feature about the Pinwheel phone is that it has a checklist and timeline! The timeline shows what modes are going to be on the phone during the day. You have different apps on the phone depending on what time it is. Another feature is the checklist. The checklist is a very cool feature because every time there is a new mode, there is a new checklist you have to complete before the next mode starts. They both help keep me organized. They help me know what to do at certain times of the day, and are very fun to complete.

There are countless things that I love about my Pinwheel phone! I love the size of it, and it has a really good grip on the phone. I also really like the fingerprint on the back of the phone because it helps me get into it faster. The checklists are really fun to complete and I like being able to see all of the modes that are going to be on throughout the day. The settings are cool because you can change the background. You can’t access the internet, which I think is a good thing because it won’t distract you. There is also no social media, which I think is good!

There are a few things to know before you get this phone. First, one of my parents has to approve all of the contacts. I won’t be able to text anyone that isn’t approved by my parents, and nobody can call or text me if their number isn’t approved. My parents can change settings on the phone, such as making different modes and allowing my friends to call during certain times of the day. My parents can also add and take off apps. I don't have access to the available apps they can allow.

All and all, this is an amazing phone for kids! From the checklists and timelines to all of the apps, this is one of the best phones you can get! I love how I can have a lot of apps for school on it, and it is not distracting since there is no internet. I am very happy that I got this phone. It works very well and it serves its purpose as a phone and not as a social media toy. Many people I know just use their phones for social media, and not even for a phone. I think it is a wonderful idea to not have social media on your phone because it is a major distraction for a lot of people. The Pinwheel phone is the best for kids ever!

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