The Dangers of AI for Children

Artificial intelligence used to be something dreamed up in movies like SmartHouse or HER. But this technology is here and  will continually evolve exponentially. AI’s integration into the lives of children is  parents, guardians, and teachers to monitor and evaluate the use of the AI by children, while learning about it themselves.

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Big tech CEOs at the Senate Judiciary Hearing on Child online safety

Social Media CEO's Congressional Hearing

You may have heard that recently (Jan 31, 2024) the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing caught the nation's attention, CEOs from leading social media giants including Meta, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter) were called to testify on one of the biggest topics that we face as parents, children’s online safety. This pivotal moment moves the needle forward for awareness and action among parents striving to navigate the digital landscape with their children.

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Woman with a disposable camera taking a picture

The disposable camera era is back!

In this crazy world of digital innovation, parents everywhere have the challenge of raising tech-savvy kids while instilling healthy habits. We find ourselves in the middle of a digital revolution, shaping a generation that has grown up surrounded by screens and instant digital experiences. However, a timeless lesson from the past holds significant value in this digital era—a lesson that can guide our children toward balanced technology usage.

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