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Julie started as a Pinwheel customer, and after realizing the positive effect the smartphone had on her child, she left her corporate position at a Fortune 250 company to support Pinwheel's growth. In addition to her role as Pinwheel's content marketing manager, she hosts the Screen Time Stories podcast.

Finances on Pinwheel

It's a step better than a paper check, but cash is rare these days. A lot of people rely on cash apps, like Venmo and PayPal, to pay their babysitters and dog walkers. 

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Screen Time Shouldn't Make You Anxious

Research finds parenting with tech causes anxiety, but Pinwheel offers the solution.

Do you feel like screen time makes parenting harder?  If so, you’re not alone. A Pew Research study launched in 2020 found that the majority of parents think that parenting is harder today than it was two decades ago. And many parents say that technology is to blame. 

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How to: Bring Back Family Dinner

It's so hard to choose the dinner table over the content that Marvel is releasing! After a long days of school, work and extracurriculars, it's easier to turn to She-Hulk's plucky story than engage with each other over dinner. Well, research shows that the easy option isn't the best. Again.   

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Parent’s Rights in a Digital World

The concept of internet privacy contains enough nuances and jargon to make it difficult for even politicians, let alone the average consumer, to understand. With new legislation introduced, the most under-protected group—children—now face a better chance at maintaining their wellbeing while growing up in the digital age. 

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Pens for the Pinwheel healthy kid phone activity that's fun and relaxing. No screens.

Fun and Relaxing Activity

Pick a day and time that works for the whole family and pull out papers, markers, stickers—whatever makes the activity more special. No matter how old your children are, they should come up with 3-5 options. This will help fill time in a different way without the screen. It will promote creativity, encourage resilience, and could even bring families together through quality time with some activities.

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