Six Smartphone Tips Homeschool Parents Should Know

Growing up in a homeschool household, my parents had two approaches for giving us kids a phone. One, getting a really old outdated flip phone, or two, no phone at all. I chose no phone over a flip phone because I didn’t want to stand out amongst my friends with a weird device. Was this a good decision by my parents to give me no phone, was it a bad one? Here are the top things I think every homeschool parent should know before giving their kid a phone.

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Screen Time Shouldn't Make You Anxious

Research finds parenting with tech causes anxiety, but Pinwheel offers the solution.

Do you feel like screen time makes parenting harder?  If so, you’re not alone. A Pew Research study launched in 2020 found that the majority of parents think that parenting is harder today than it was two decades ago. And many parents say that technology is to blame. 

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What's Your Earliest Memory with Tech?

It was a stormy night in December and I was sitting at the kitchen table with my Dad eating soup. I was anxiously awaiting him to finish so I could play with his first Apple phone, called an iPhone, which had buttons on the screen. As we sat down together, we laboriously pushed the buttons on the screen, wondering if iPhones would stick around.

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How to: Bring Back Family Dinner

It's so hard to choose the dinner table over the content that Marvel is releasing! After a long days of school, work and extracurriculars, it's easier to turn to She-Hulk's plucky story than engage with each other over dinner. Well, research shows that the easy option isn't the best. Again.   

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Parent’s Rights in a Digital World

The concept of internet privacy contains enough nuances and jargon to make it difficult for even politicians, let alone the average consumer, to understand. With new legislation introduced, the most under-protected group—children—now face a better chance at maintaining their wellbeing while growing up in the digital age. 

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Connected Family Gift Guide

Today's children and teens want to connect and engage with others! It looks a bit different than how their parents and grandparents did it, but with proper guidance kids and teens can leverage technology to enrich their lives. 

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