Yik Yak is back: why we're concerned

Imagine your 10-year-old lying about their age to create a social media account, connecting with a user-base within a 5-mile radius, thriving and nosediving off upvotes and downvotes, and---here's the clincher---engaging in a community with complete anonymity. 

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Chalkboard With Image Of Pinwheel Cell Phone - Best Tech Tool For 2021 School Year

Back to school with the "Dream Tool"

Back to school shopping can be stressful. Let’s be real here. You have to get the clothes, the shoes, the pencils, the binders, and all the other items from the teachers list that comes home with you. But why do we buy these things for our kids anyway?

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How Pinwheel Supports Your Kiddo’s School Day

Teachers rely more and more on technology to support their students' growth. While smartphones offer a lot of great apps and sources of information, a typical device actively attempts to divert young minds into gaming or YouTube rabbit holes. 

But with Pinwheel, your child can enjoy all of the support, with none of the distractions.

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Pinwheel's CEO Makes 40 Under 40 List

Moving fast while playing the long-game: Dane Witbeck has been known to enjoy speeds of up to 175 mph on a motorcycle, yet also enjoys growing bonsai trees in his free time. 

The CEO and co-founder of Pinwheel, a smartphone which is now in the hands of thousands of children, Witbeck was recently awarded the 40 under 40 award from his alma mater, Georgia Tech.  

Witbeck joins 39 others that boast achievements in areas like the nonprofit sector, state politics, agriculture and military. Georgia Tech selected each individual based on the significant contributions they made in their fields. 

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