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Julie started as a Pinwheel customer, and after realizing the positive effect the smartphone had on her child, she left her corporate position at a Fortune 250 company to support Pinwheel's growth. In addition to her role as Pinwheel's content marketing manager, she hosts the Screen Time Stories podcast.


The Challenge of Making the 40 Under 40 List #GeorgiaTech

Moving fast while playing the long-game: Dane Witbeck has been known to enjoy speeds of up to 175 mph on a motorcycle, yet also enjoys growing bonsai trees in his free time. 

The CEO and co-founder of Pinwheel, a smartphone which is now in the hands of thousands of children, Witbeck was recently awarded the 40 under 40 award from his alma mater, Georgia Tech.  

Witbeck joins 39 others that boast achievements in areas like the nonprofit sector, state politics, agriculture and military. Georgia Tech selected each individual based on the significant contributions they made in their fields. 

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Tweens, Tech, and Phones on Summer Break

As your child steps out of their elementary school building for the last time in their lives, they officially become a rising middle school student. The transition to middle school might seem daunting to some children: they need to find their classes in a new building, meet all new teachers, and in some schools, walk the halls with peers the size of adults.  

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Managing Screen Time During School Break: Part Two

In our first post about Managing Screen Time, we dove into managing our children’s screen time, and the difference between using technology as a tool versus a passive source of entertainment. If you missed our first post, take a moment to read about current screen time challenges, like how social media and smartphones make parenting harder. You can also find suggestions on how to embrace the new kids tech era in the healthiest possible way. 

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Managing Screen Time During School Break: Part One

Does the phrase “summer break” give you memories of catching fireflies at dusk and splashing in sprinklers with friends? Did you read for hours under the sun, sleep in a tent or take beach trips with your family? Or how about "winter break"? Hot chocolate and hours of family time spent reading and playing games? 

For most of us, our fond holiday break memories don’t involve much screen time, and it can be difficult to accept that tech is a larger part of kids' lives today than it was in our childhood. In this two-part series, we’ll dive into when screen time is ok, and ideas on incorporating technology into your routine in a healthy way.

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Pinwheel & Bark Are Supporting #LetParentsProtect

Parents face monumental challenges in raising children today. The world of technology and social media were not designed with the safety of children in mind. Many social media platforms make children vulnerable in ways that could be easily prevented.

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