A Child's Review of Pinwheel The Healthy Kid Phone

Through the eyes of a child, we witness new perspectives that often our adults eyes can't see. In this blog, a child opens up about why she likes her Pinwheel, the rules that came with her owning a kid phone, and how it has impacted her daily routine. Her mother is a blogger you might know, so stay till the end to explore more helpful parenting resources. 

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The ABC's of Digital Mastery

Digital mastery means more than being able to tap around on a screen and make a device respond. Digital mastery is the skillset required to achieve Pinwheel's vision. That vision is a future in which human beings are the masters of technology, not captive to it. 

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Holiday Craft and Teachable Moment on Kid Phones

When I was a kid, a popular visual lesson was "Big Rocks, Little Rocks." The teacher would demonstrate how when we fill a jar in the wrong order, first with sand, then pebbles, the big rocks won't fit inside the jar. But when the jar is filled in order from biggest to smallest, everything fits. The goal of the lesson was to show how important it is to prioritize the most important pieces of life, and fill your life---or jar---with those first.

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