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Julie Taylor

Julie Taylor started as a Pinwheel customer, and after realizing the positive effect the smartphone had on her child and others, she felt compelled to leave her corporate position at a Fortune 250 telecommunications company to support Pinwheel's growth. She now focuses on building and fostering communications strategies, media relations, and content creation.

Holiday Craft and Teachable Moment

When I was a kid, a popular visual lesson was "Big Rocks, Little Rocks." The teacher would demonstrate how when we fill a jar in the wrong order, first with sand, then pebbles, the big rocks won't fit inside the jar. But when the jar is filled in order from biggest to smallest, everything fits. The goal of the lesson was to show how important it is to prioritize the most important pieces of life, and fill your life---or jar---with those first.

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Yik Yak is back: why we're concerned

Imagine your 10-year-old lying about their age to create a social media account, connecting with a user-base within a 5-mile radius, thriving and nosediving off upvotes and downvotes, and---here's the clincher---engaging in a community with complete anonymity. 

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How Pinwheel Supports Your Kiddo’s School Day

Teachers rely more and more on technology to support their students' growth. While smartphones offer a lot of great apps and sources of information, a typical device actively attempts to divert young minds into gaming or YouTube rabbit holes. 

But with Pinwheel, your child can enjoy all of the support, with none of the distractions.

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