Holiday Craft and Teachable Moment

When I was a kid, a popular visual lesson was "Big Rocks, Little Rocks." The teacher would demonstrate how when we fill a jar in the wrong order, first with sand, then pebbles, the big rocks won't fit inside the jar. But when the jar is filled in order from biggest to smallest, everything fits. The goal of the lesson was to show how important it is to prioritize the most important pieces of life, and fill your life---or jar---with those first.

Let's take a different approach to this activity. We'll incorporate different types of technology into the conversation, and talk about why some types, like a Zoom class, are different than a video game, like Fortnite. We'll also add a holiday twist. So instead of ending up with a jar of rocks, your family gets a holiday decoration. By tying the activity to a certain time of year, your family can spill out the contents of the jar to check in on each other's priorities, modify if needed, and recommit to your original choices. 


  • Big and small ornaments
  • Short string of lights
  • Permanent marker
  • Clear jar or vase

Get a printable worksheet with instructions and talking points for leading the conversation. Print it double-sided so your children can read the steps on page 1 while you teach from page 2!